Car Accident Statistics

Michigan roads witness hundreds of thousands of road accidents yearly, ranging from fender benders to high-impact crashes that result in severe injuries or death. These accidents involve cars, trucks, bicycles,…

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Question: What Does a Litigation Attorney Do?

If you find that you need legal advice or representation, it’s critical that you hire a firm with the training and experience to handle your particular situation. When you wish to file a legal claim or defend against one, a litigation attorney can help you navigate the complex legal system.

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Trial Process Guide

A trial is a legal process during which attorneys for a plaintiff and defendant present facts of a case to a jury. Each side presents evidence to support their version of what happened.

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Acting as Trustee

A loved one chose you to act as Trustee of their Trust to manage and administer their affairs when they were no longer able to. Whether you anticipated assuming this role of acting as a Trustee someday or were surprised by the appointment, the responsibility can seem daunting.

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COVID-19 and New Company Formations

With the changing business climate brought about by a global pandemic, comes opportunity. New business ventures born during turbulent times have a unique kind of resilience.

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Making Informed Decisions About Your Estate Plan

People often have ideas of how they would like their estate distributed or how personal matters should be handled upon their death, yet they are not always sure how to accomplish these goals.

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