Keilen Law – Testimonials

Attorney in Kalamazoo; Attorney in Grand Rapids

Keilen Law – Testimonials

Attorney in Kalamazoo; Attorney in Grand Rapids

“Attorney Keilen possesses a remarkable understanding of litigation strategy and displays a court room demeanor and poise only seen in seasoned litigators…”Benjamin J. Herbert, Law Offices of Benjamin J. Herbert
“It is my pleasure to recommend Keilen Law. Adam Keilen is a hard-working, intelligent individual who understands exactly what is needed from the outset and how to get it done quickly and effectively. He is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who has helped ensure that our business has a strong foundation. Beyond just saying the right things, Adam has repeatedly proven that he is committed to our business needs and also has the ability to execute on the ideas that he brings forth. I am thankful for Adam!”J.J. Hall Designs, LLC
“Attorney Keilen was recommended by my brother-in-law when I found myself in need of legal counsel. I am very pleased with my decision to use Keilen Law. I felt genuinely cared for and brilliantly represented during my time of need. My legal issue was attended to in a very timely and professional manner. I am now most definitely among those who would recommend Keilen Law.”Kim Day
“I highly recommend Keilen Law, and in fact, have done so on a few recent occasions. Specifically, Adam is everything you want in legal counsel – honest, fair and knowledgeable. Adam is different than other lawyers as he has personal pre-law experience starting his own business ventures. Keilen Law knows what businesses go through when they start up, partner and grow. If you reach out to Keilen Law, you will not be disappointed.”Ryan Jankovic, Enterprise Medical Products, LLC (owner/founder)
“In my occupation as a financial planner and wealth manager, I come in contact and work with lawyers constantly. I want you to know that Adam Keilen is unlike any other lawyer that you have ever experienced. His initial consultations are complimentary. He uses his time to get to know you, your expectations, goals, and objectives. This also gives you the opportunity to get to know him as well. When you spend time with Adam, you can tell that he is actually interested and vested in providing you the best care and service for your needs. He gives you an accurate quote, he gives you suggestions and advice that pertain to exactly what you are asking without dancing around any issues. He makes sure that nothing is exposed, and that everything is taken care of when it comes to your estate being perfectly planned. Adam created my LLC, and my family trust. Whenever I had a question about anything, I had access to Adam and his expertise. He answered my questions promptly and accurately and he had our trust done just as quickly. I would recommend Adam Keilen from Keilen Law to anyone who is interested in ensuring that their estate is in order, to anyone who does not want anything in their estate to go through probate court, and to anyone who needs to create an LLC for their small business. He truly is the best of the best.”Tiffany A. Welka, Vice President at VFG Associates, LLC
“I worked with Adam while at Willis Law and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Adam has always demonstrated the character and integrity of what you would hope to see in every Attorney – a true dedication to serve and put the needs of others before himself. Adam is intelligent and professional and as a business owner he has unique insight that his business clients certainly benefit from. In sum, Adam possesses all the characteristics you would hope to see in your attorney and I would recommend his services to anyone.”Jeshua Lauka, Attorney at David & Wierenga, P.C.
“Adam is an exceptionally bright and honest business man that I have had the pleasure to become acquainted with through MSU-Law College and volunteer work through entrepreneur group Jackson Inventors Network. Adam is well-spoken, direct, insightful, generous, hard-working and a good listener.”Jon Shackelford, Partner with Endurance Law Group, PLC
“Adam Keilen, in my opinion, is the best counsel I have ever dealt with. His knowledge of the law and commitment to serving his clients are attributes everyone should look for when selecting an attorney to work with. What really stands out is his attention to detail and making sure his clients understand critical information. He makes sure that every possible issue is considered when drafting or reviewing a contract. He is truly a top professional in his field. Adam is fair, responsive, understanding, professional, and exceptionally competent. He has never failed to give a timely response to any request and they have always been thorough and thoughtful. His network is extensive and his reputation invaluable. He continues to go above and beyond. I view Adam as a critical partner in my business and its future success.”Trilliam, LLC (Tracie Wood, Co-owner)
“Trusting someone with Intellectual property or an idea for a start-up company can be hard to do. Adam seems to have a vast array of knowledge in many aspects of business and is able, through his experiences, to offer a service that is second to none. You can be assured your ideas will be protected and complimented with exceptional care at Keilen Law. Thanks for your services Adam and I look forward to working with you in the future.”Greg May, Widget Design Factory, LLC
“Smart and thorough. I am comfortable recommending Adam Keilen to friends.”Stephen Earls
“Adam Keilen exceeded my expectations in helping me establish my small business. He was knowledgeable and thorough, and kept me informed about every step of the process. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to navigate the legal processes when starting, expanding or protecting a business.”Brian Lam, owner at Improv Effects, LLC
“For the last several years, I have had the opportunity to send my clients ( as a financial advisor ) to Adam Keilen for their legal needs ( estate planning, incorporating, etc. ) and have had extremely positive feedback from each of them. I will continue to do so with great confidence in Mr. Keilen.”James Mullen, Financial Advisor at VFG Associates, LLC
“It is with pleasure that I endorse Adam Keilen for his fine work. Adam is an excellent lawyer who works hard for his clients and gets results.”Ron Vander Meer, CEO, Continental Linen Services
“Keilen Law continues to be an excellent partner for our medical device company. Adam Keilen has been helping us navigate the complex legal and regulatory road from startup idea to FDA-approved medical device. He is always professional and knowledgeable and explains legal matters to us in a way we can understand. We appreciate and highly recommend his services.”Nordhouse Medical Solutions, L.L.C.
“Recently I had an opportunity to work with Mr. Keilen to plan my estate and I was very impressed. He was very knowledgeable and professional. Attorney Keilen listened to my wishes, asked pertinent questions, and offered options that might best fit my needs. He was excellent at putting legal jargon in layman’s terms. I look forward to working with Mr. Keilen again and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to plan their estate.”Sandy Titus
“Adam was very easy to work with and very knowledgeable. I would recommend Adam (and have). He handled my business in a very timely manner and showed that he actually does care about me and my business!”Malissa Sherman, My Art on Canvas, LLC
“Adam is an exceptionally trustworthy and hard-working professional. When my clients need legal and business advice outside my range of expertise, I have no hesitation referring them to Keilen Law.”Jon Shackelford, Endurance Law Group
“Adam is diligent, professional, knowledgeable, and thorough in meeting the needs of his clients. He was instrumental in helping navigate the LLC start up process and has my highest recommendation.”Tim Hiller, Next Level Performance, LLC
“As a financial planner in Kalamazoo, it is nice to have someone like Adam that I feel confident referring my clients to for Intellectual Property and Estate Planning advice. I have referred over 10 clients to him and he has done an excellent job with all of them”Tom Anderton, Wealth Advisor, Oppenheimer, Inc.
“When working with Adam I know there are always a few things I can count on: excellent attention to detail, thorough knowledge of the law and positive feedback from my clients that work with him. In addition, Adam delivers his work on time and on budget. All of these qualities have proven to be invaluable for my financial services practice.” Brant Shrimplin, 626 Financial, LLC
“A full 5 stars from me. Adam has greatly helped out my business with contract work, personally with estate planning, and my colleagues with the medical / real estate side of the law. He is thorough, professional and responds very quickly – and does an excellent job of making certain I understand what I am signing, or why a contract is written a certain way. He ‘goes the extra mile’.

I have nothing to say but positive comments. I will continue to recommend those seeking a top notch attorney to Keilen Law.”KLH Custom Homes, LLC

“Adam Keilen recently helped my wife and I create a Trust. It was very apparent from the start that he was focused, attentive, and prepared to provide us with exemplary service. Adam demonstrated concern for our best interest and worked diligently to ensure we had excellent planning.”Justin Walker
“Adam was very helpful and knowledgeable about what we needed to do. He guided us through the steps we needed to take to ensure the plan we developed was exactly what we wanted. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs an attorney!”Summer Walker
“Mr. Keilen was courteous, very knowledgeable and more than willing to meet us the first time at our home, making it easier for my husband. He explained about estate planning, so we understood exactly what we needed to have. Adam and his staff were able to complete the advanced directive, our will, living trust and etc, as requested. He has a notary on staff and was able to have a witness available just when we needed one. Made the entire visit run smoothly, even though we showed up an hour early (by mistake). He also spent his time checking into a separate matter for us, out of the goodness of his heart.”Linda Baird
“Working with Adam and his firm was always good. Adam was always there if I had questions, he always answered emails in a timely manner, I would recommend his firm to anyone needing legal advice. Thanks for your services.”Patti Jackson, OSC, LLC
“Adam Keilen represented us in our case, he is extremely thorough and very professional, as well as truly caring about his clients. We would highly recommend you using Adam Keilen for your legal services. He deserves all of the five stars and then some. He will get the job done!”Jennifer Zabavski
“Adam’s service and expertise are truly unmatched. He is extremely articulate and comprehensive in his ability to communicate legal jargon in layman’s terms. I found him to be caring and truly interested in understanding the complete circumstances of our situation. I would highly recommend Adam and will personally be utilizing his services whenever the need or opportunity arises.”Stephen B.
“I have worked with Adam personally, in the course of my business and have referred clients to him as well. He is knowledgeable, well-spoken and represents his firm with complete professionalism. I will continue to use Adam for my own personal legal matters and as a resource for my clients.”Michael West, Farm Bureau Insurance
“My experience working with Adam was fantastic. He understood our needs and handled our situation promptly and with great care. I highly recommend his services.”Luke Kujacznski, Urban Alliance, Inc.
“Adam is extremely knowledgeable and professional. He helped me understand all of my options and made recommendations that were pertinent to my situation. I would highly recommend him.”Macey Darlington
“Great experience. Very thorough and timely. Will go back.” Kevin McLeod
“Top Notch Service. I will use Adam in the future for whatever arises.”Jared Keilen
“Enjoy working with Adam. I was referred by a friend, and will certainly refer Adam to my friends.”Rod Nedervelt
“Adam made creating an LLC simple and quick. And I knew that I could trust his guidance in all advice given. He truly has the best interest in his clients.”David Buick, Echelon Marketing and Events, LLC
“I have worked with Adam a couple of years now on business matters. He is very knowledgeable and patiently takes the time to fully understand what we are trying to accomplish.”Tammy Vandegriff, Midwest Receivable Solutions, LLC
“My wife and I were very pleased with our service from Adam. He made us feel comfortable and gave us sound advice regarding a potential lawsuit we were considering filing. Every step of the way he made it clear that we were pursuing the course which would best benefit us as the clients, rather than the path that would earn the law firm the most money. We highly recommend Adam!”Scott Burnham
“Dear Keilen Law:

[CLIENT’s] surgery went great! He has already been up and about and is impressing his nurses, therapists and surgeon with his progress. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we both were to be able to put everything else behind us and focus on this day. Of course, I’m a bit biased, but I think CLIENT is just the most amazing guy alive. It doesn’t surprise me in the least that he’s already doing laps with his walker around his hospital room.

Thank you again for your help. I have no idea how you managed to resolve it so quickly but I can tell you it made all the difference to us. I wish you could have seen the smile on [CLIENT’s] face when he told me that the case had been resolved! Pure relief! Thank you!”Client

“Adam Keilen is great, fast-acting counsel that delivers. Will recommend to all and have no doubts in his ability to meet any client’s needs.”Patrick Turner
“We were very happy to find an attorney to help us move in a timely matter on a lawsuit that two other attorneys never moved forward. We have the positive outcome we were looking for. We would highly recommend him to anyone.”Litigation Client
“We were very happy to find an attorney to help us move in a timely matter on a lawsuit that two other attorneys never moved forward. We have the positive outcome we were looking for. We would highly recommend him to anyone.”Steve Schreuder
“Adam was very easy to work with. I always felt that he had my best interests in mind at every step of the process.”Tyler Smith, Newhall Klein, Inc.
“Every experience we have had with Adam is a great one. He is very knowledgeable and has honesty and a compassion for helping people rarely found with many attorneys. Just today my wife and I had a situation that needed the attention of an attorney. We were very stressed and didn’t know what to expect. Adam sat down with us and explained the situation and told us our best option for handling the problem we brought to him. My wife and I walked out with smiles on our face and a renewed confidence with the knowledge Adam gave us on handling the situation. Highly recommend working with this attorney he genuinely cares about his clients.”Jeremy Williams
“Keilen Law did a great job preparing my Will & Trust. Adam Keilen and his staff were professional, knowledgeable and customer focused. They listened to what I said I wanted, then they made helpful suggestions that I did not think of myself which were Incorporated into the final document. When it came time to review the final document they walked me through every page of my Will & Trust, thoroughly explaining the context and making sure that I understood it completely before I signed it. I am very satisfied with the final results of my Will & Trust. Keilen Law is truly deserving of a “5” star rating!”Stanley Makowski
“Diligence and integrity are always at the forefront of my practice. I wouldn’t I want my clients to experience anything apart from that. Adam delivers. Plain and simple.”Matt Jarrell
“My experience with Adam and Keilen Law was great! I appreciated Adam’s straight forward and results driven approach. His confidence and knowledge base provided the best possible outcome.”BJ Pratt
“Great firm! Retained them for representation in a recent suit against a builder. Outstanding communication, great results! Would highly recommend!”Brian Methner
“Adam Keilen does a great job helping with estate planning. He’ll make sure you and your family have everything you need and present it in a way that you can understand.” Ryan Howard
“Both Adam & Ross at Keilen Law have been an amazing resource for me and my small business. They are very responsive, professional, and always have my best interests in mind. The most important thing for me was trust, and I will continue to use their services because they have earned my trust.”Jack Aylsworth

“Keilen Law makes the complex simple. Their staff is second to none and as a Certified Financial Planner™, I recommend them with the highest level of confidence. They not only listen to client needs, they take the time to know their clients personally to ensure all goals are met at the most efficient price. I can’t say enough good things about this firm.”

Brandon Bauer, Certified Financial Planner
“Ross, Adam and Staff are very knowledgeable and perform excellent work. They are very accommodating to your unique situation and continue to be helpful even after all the services are completed by being available to answer any questions. I would highly recommend Keilen Law for your estate planning or any other legal need.”Nate Boonstra, Forest Hills Financial, Inc.

“Keilen Law is professional, courteous, and helpful with large or small concerns; especially builder / contractor related matters. Highly recommended!”

Troy Cuvelier, President, Integrated Smart Technologies

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