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Common Front Seat Law Questions

A Guide to Michigan Car Seat Laws

Are you aware of the child safety standards in Michigan? The state has some strict regulations regarding child safety seats. Child safety seats are designed to prevent injuries from occurring during a crash. They are important because they reduce the risk of injury to children who are too young to sit safely in a vehicle without restraint. You must ensure that your child is buckled correctly before starting out on the road. If you fail to follow these rules, you could face fines and penalties. If you are unsure whether your child is safe in their current vehicle restraint system, you should consult a lawyer.

Our attorneys at Keilen Law, PLC are well-versed in Michigan front seat laws — they will guide you through any litigation you may face. This article will highlight the main points of the child safety seat laws in Michigan.

What are Michigan Child Front Seat Laws?

The Michigan car front seat laws limit children under the age of 8 or less than 4.9 ft tall from riding in a car’s front seat. The laws safeguard the children’s interests and minimize their mortality rates in the event of an accident. However, a child can occupy the front seat in a car once they reach the age of 8 or 4.9 ft tall.

The Michigan law also mandates drivers and passengers in the front seat to buckle up a safety seat belt. Children aged 16 years and below must buckle up their seat belts at all times, regardless of their seat position in a car.


The Michigan Car Seat Laws Every Parent Should Know

Among the Michigan car seat safety rules that protect children while on a ride and that every parent should be aware of include:

At What Age Can My Child Sit in the Front Seat?

Children under the age of 4 should ride in the rear seats regardless of their height. Their booster seat must also meet the federal safety standards. However, a child below four years old can only occupy the front seat if children below four years old fully occupy all rear seats.

Michigan Booster Seat Laws

The Michigan law mandates that children who no longer fit the rear-and-forward-facing car seats use booster seats with the appropriate belt-positioning feature. Children aged eight and above and those exceeding the height of 4.9 ft should use the booster seats. Nevertheless, they can also stop using the booster seat once the lap or shoulder seat belts fit them properly.

When Can a Child Sit in the Front Seat With the Airbag On?

Although the Michigan front seat laws permit children in booster seats, front-facing car seats, or seat belts to sit in the front with the airbags on, it is not advised. Airbags deploy quickly and forcefully during a crash to prevent any severe impact. Therefore, children can be severely injured or even killed when the airbag pops. The CDC and other stakeholders recommend children aged below 13 years be buckled up in the rear seats to avoid the risk of chest injuries. However, if a child has to sit in the front seat, they must use the recommended car seat.

Can My Child Ride in the Front Seat of a Pickup Truck?

In Michigan, children can legally sit in the front seat of a pickup truck if all the safety precautions are observed. Children can occupy the front seat of a pickup even though it is not recommended, as chances of serious injury are inevitable.

In addition, children aged four and below can ride in the front seat of a pickup truck with rear seating occupied by other children under 4. 


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