Initial Consultation

Attorney in Kalamazoo

Initial consultations are free. At the consult, the attorney will ask about your legal matter and help you plan ahead. The attorney will provide a case assessment so you can make an informed decision. The consult will help you understand your rights, consider the attorney’s recommendations, and plan a course of action.

Facts and Surrounding Circumstances 

The lawyer will want to learn more about the surrounding facts and circumstances. A good lawyer will spend time listening and asking questions. For litigation, the lawyer will ask you to describe what happened in your own words, perhaps asking you to elaborate in certain areas. For estate planning, the lawyer will start with basic fact gathering; for example, the lawyer will ask for information pertaining to the family tree and related assets, relationships, and interests. For estate plans, the lawyer will usually provide a fixed price quote. For business transactions, the lawyer will ask questions pertaining to the partners, members, shareholders, assets, holdings, relevant contracts, and equity positions, thereby working to understand the “lay of the land” for your transaction or agreement.

Consultation Discussion/Questions

After the lawyer has the “lay of the land,” the lawyer can provide insight as to applicable law, suggestions, alternatives, and appropriate platforms for handling your legal matter. The lawyer will likely answer any questions about courtroom procedures, timelines, transactions, drafting, provisions, distributions, and other related issues. In addition, sometimes the lawyer will provide some insight as to the challenges and or strengths of your case, or issues related to your legal matter.


Again, the initial consultation at Keilen Law is free; at the consult, the lawyer will explain how fees will be addressed if the client-attorney decide to move forward.

For more information, or to schedule your initial consultation, please contact us and send a short summary of your legal matter.

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