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Keilen Law has a strong and tested reputation for helping clients achieve their goals. Whether assisting corporations, small-business owners, or individual clients, the firm is well-equipped to assist clients in matters of litigation, business and corporate formation, business and corporate transactions, estate planning and probate-wills, trusts, and estates, estate litigation, estate administration, real estate, employment law, trademark law, copyright law, personal injury, complex litigation, and niche practice areas such as legal issues pertaining to life science-medical devices and medical malpractice.

We Focus On Our Strengths

With tested experience and a strong understanding of issues business owners and individuals face, we’re happy to represent you and assist you with creative and practical legal solutions.

Business Law

Considering and analyzing every feature of your commercial transaction.

Business Formation

Assisting clients in selecting the perfect business or corporate entity to venture into.

Estate & Trust Litigation

Assisting clients with probate estates, guardianship, wills, and other similar disputes.

Estate Planning & Probate

We offer strategies to protect your assets and help you reach your goals.

Vehicle Accident

Qualified legal professionals knowledgeable in Michigan’s complex auto vehicle accident laws.


Aligning lawsuits with your goals to focus on an effective winning strategy.

Personal Injury

Holding responsible parties liable, so you have the compensation to live your life.

Real Estate Law

Assisting with the purchase, sale, or development of real estate transactions.

Our location in Grand Rapids

Whether you’re looking for a malpractice attorney, an estate lawyer, or any other legal representation, let us show you how we can fight for you.

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We Are Michigan’s Business Law Experts

Through tested experience, Keilen Law, PLC is a firm providing clients with the clarity and confidence they expect from a practice that lives and works in the evolving business world.

Managing attorney Ross W. Keilen brings insight and real-world business experience to the firm as a past and present business owner. With a strong understanding of the issues facing modern business owners, Keilen Law, PLC can better represent your interests.

Our team of attorneys can help you meet your goals with effective strategies and professional legal acumen.

If you or your business requires representation, turn to Keilen Law, PLC as your resource for practical and creative legal solutions

The Keilen Law Team

At Keilen Law, PLC, let us help you handle all the difficult situations that arise in your business or personal life. Contact us at our Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids office to discuss how our legal team can assist you today.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Adam is an exceptionally bright and honest business man that I have had the pleasure to become acquainted with through MSU-Law College and volunteer work through entrepreneur group Jackson Inventors Network. Adam is well-spoken, direct, insightful, generous, hard-working and a good listener.

— Jon Shackelford, Partner with Endurance Law Group, PLC