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Whether you are a residential buyer or seller looking for representation on a simple transaction, a commercial real estate developer involved in complex litigation, or anything in-between, real estate attorneys at Keilen Law have the knowledge and experience to guide you.

We regularly represent clients with the following legal needs:

  • Review/counsel related to sale/purchase documents and title insurance commitments;
  • Preparing all requisite paperwork in for sale by owner transactions (FSBO) or transactions where a buyer or seller is not represented by a realtor;
  • Property tax appeals;
  • Drafting land contracts;
  • Drafting leases (both commercial and residential);
  • Foreclosures;
  • Forfeitures;
  • Zoning issues, including zoning appeals;
  • Property line or boundary disputes;
  • Adverse possession and acquiescence claims;
  • Riparian and littoral issues;
  • Commercial evictions/Landlord/Tenant disputes; and,
  • Condominium and subdivision development.

Whether or not you are represented by a realtor, you are best served to have a real estate attorney review your documents prior to execution and closing.  In-fact, some states require the parties to seek legal counsel in a real estate transaction at or before closing.

We offer both fixed price and hourly services depending on your issue.  Give us a call to see how we can help you today.

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