Litigation Attorneys in Kalamazoo


Litigation Attorneys in Kalamazoo


Litigation. At Keilen Law, we represent individuals, small-businesses, and large corporations. Lawsuits are serious, so we approach every lawsuit with a focused and goal-oriented strategy. At the outset, your lawyer will review your “theory of the case,” applying the law to the facts through a client focused model. Your litigation strategy will be tailored to your goals. If you have a business dispute, a breach of contract, a contested estate, an intellectual property infringement matter, a construction dispute, suffered a serious injury, or other legal matter requiring court proceedings, or if you have been threatened with a lawsuit, contact us today to learn more about our trial lawyers, and how we can help.

Commercial Litigation. Business-related lawsuits are often contract based, resulting in a claim for breach of contract; however, business torts have also become more common, and in some cases, certainly more appropriate. Other common claims for business-related lawsuits include interference with a contract, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud-material misrepresentations, misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of a noncompete agreement, and other important claims for relief. Commercial litigators often represent privately held businesses; however, other cases involve: business v. individual; individual v. business; and individual v. individual in a business capacity. Keilen Law represents corporations, small-businesses, and individuals.

ADR – explore your options prior to filing suit. Prior to initiating a lawsuit, your business lawyer should suggest exploring alternative dispute resolution, potentially saving time and money. Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration can be helpful alternatives. However, in other cases, your lawyer ought to seek relief through the Court; justice often comes through a well plead complaint and a talented trial lawyer.


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