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Keilen Law, PLC serves clients in the Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids communities, proudly earning recognition as one of the top law firms in Michigan. With a diverse range of practice areas, our Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids attorneys are able to support a wide variety of client needs. 

Fair, honest, and exceptionally knowledgeable, the legal team at Keilen Law, PLC is dedicated to providing our legal expertise and skills in the areas you need it most.

Estate planning and probate are included in our practice areas. This includes wills, trusts and estates, and estate and trust litigation. With Keilen Law, PLC on your side, you can create a legally-sound plan for your assets, financial responsibilities, and loved ones after your passing.


What is Estate Planning?

Although many people assume that estate planning is a topic reserved for the extremely wealthy, it’s actually something that just about everyone should be considering. 

An estate plan is a legally-admissible document that outlines your specific wishes in the event of your passing (or medical incompetency), generally addressing the distribution of assets, ensuring that loved ones are properly provided for, and minimizing stressful legal challenges and expenses.


Should I Have an Estate Plan?

Two of the most common questions we receive during estate planning consultations at Keilen Law, PLC is, “Do I need an estate plan?” and “When should I get an estate plan?” Our answers to these questions are nearly always as follows: Yes, you do need an estate plan – and the sooner you put one into place, the better. 

It’s not uncommon for clients to expect to wait until retirement to begin the estate planning process, but we encourage you to begin thinking about it as early in life as possible. Particularly if you have loved ones that depend on you, such as a spouse, children, or aging parents, ensuring that you have an estate plan in place is key. 

While we never want to consider the unfortunate events that may lead to our medical incapacity or death, the best estate plan is one that’s complete before you ever need to worry about tragic circumstances.

It’s important to understand that if you don’t have an estate plan, your state will likely have one for you. That means that in the event of your untimely passing, your loved ones may be faced by a tangled legal mess, forced to deal with frustrating government officials in the midst of mourning their loss. 

It’s not unusual for government entities to take months or even years to settle an estate, leaving your loved ones without the financial means they need to continue their everyday lives. 

Eliminating this potential burden is simple – all you need to do is complete the estate planning process as soon as possible.


Contact Keilen Law, PLC to Begin the Estate Planning & Probate Process

Estate planning and probate is a critical topic, and yet so many people feel uncertain about or intimidated by the process. Our firm is here to help you navigate the experience with confidence, providing our legal expertise and unparalleled client service to support you every step of the way. 

As one of the leading legal firms in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, Keilen Law, PLC has been a trusted provider of legal and consultation services since our founding. Our mission is to serve every client’s unique needs with care, compassion, and expert legal knowledge, advocating for your needs and helping you complete many of life’s most important tasks.

For more information about estate planning and probate, or for details about our other available services, contact Keilen Law, PLC today.


Estate Planning Consultation. During the initial consultation, your estate planning lawyer will collect important information. The information is used to make recommendations for your estate plan. Common questions include information related to:

  • Personal information about you and your family (the family tree);
  • Financial information regarding assets and beneficiaries;
  • Real estate information, such as deeds;
  • Taxes, as appropriate;
  • The names of fiduciaries, conservators, guardians, agents, trustees, and alternates; and
  • Estimates for fees.

At Keilen Law, your estate planning lawyer will gather as much information as possible to assist in the design and development of your estate plan. In most cases, the lawyer will offer you a fixed price quote for preparing the plan (the initial consultations are complimentary). After the fact-gathering consultation, the lawyer will develop a plan that meets your goals and objectives, thereby planning and preparing for what matters most, your family.

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