Estate and Trust Litigation

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Estate and Trust Litigation Attorneys in Kalamazoo

Under the Michigan Court Rules, probate litigation might involve a petition to the probate court, or in some cases, a civil action. MCR § 5.001-.784, 801, and 802. Whether you need a petition or a civil action, the probate lawyers at Keilen Law can help. Probate litigation usually involves a:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty;
  • Self-dealing trustee or personal representative;
  • Trust contest;
  • Will contest;
  • Determination of heirs;
  • Challenge to jointly owned property;
  • Determination of spousal/family rights;
  • Tax apportionment;
  • Property transfer; and
  • Property transfer; and Challenge to attorney/trustee/fiduciary fees.

At the outset of the case, your probate lawyer will inventory the assets and appointments. Second, the probate lawyer will review the transfers, along with related records and information. In some cases, a protective order might be necessary to maintain the status quo; thus, asking the probate judge to restrict the conduct of a trustee or personal representative who is not properly managing the assets of the estate.

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